Our associations and committees.

Our representatives have been very active in committees and associations. Their participation to various meetings allowed the promotion of forestry activities while considering land owner's preoccupations.

Here is the list of our most important committees and associations:

The Eastern Townships development association (EDA)
The president of the EDA is Mr. Michel Raymond. Mr. Sylvain Rajotte is the secretary.

The Eastern Townships wood producers association. (EWPA)
Forestry certification committee.
M. Sylvain Rajotte is the representative.

The Quebec development associations group. (QDAG)
Mr. Nicholas Meagher is the representative for the EDA at QDAG.

The Eastern Townships emphasis on private forests agency. (EEPF)
The EDA council representative is Mr. Robert Proteau.

Protection planning and emphasis committee.

The EDA representative is Mr. Sylvain Rajotte.

Technical committee
Mr. Sylvain Drapeau as EDA representative.

Forest table of Coaticook county and the Eastern Townships region.
MM. Michel Raymond et Sylvain Rajotte
COGESAF MM. Jean-Paul Roy et Noël Morin
Eastern Townships fauna group committee M. Sylvain Rajotte

The main activities undertook during the year pertain to the implication of forestry certification grouping and our relationship between provincial organisations as well as the Quebec forestry regime revision. The latter required various meetings between partners implicated in the forestry sector.

In addition to its participation in associations and committees, Aménagement forestier et agricole des Sommets is regularly approached to participate in many events targeted at the promotion of forestry.

Here are the main events:

The Gardening Forest forestry day ;

Supplying trees to the Sherbrooke nature and sciences museum in May 2010 with the collaboration of the Eastern Townships forestry association;

Supplying trees to the municipality of Magog in June 2010 in collaboration with COGESAF;

The water management committee, Coaticook county;

The mutual management of ASSIF prevention committee;

COGESAF, SPBE, RESAM, Eastern Townships CLD, the Eastern Townships forest emphasis agency.