Forestry Certification

What is the Certification?

For the last 10 years, deforestation of tropical forests threatens our planet’s ecological balance. To counter this phenomenon, environmental groups have put in place norms and certifications allowing forest harvesting while maintaining the long term diversity and productivity of forest ecosystems. This is called responsable forestry. These norms have quickly spread across forests worldwide. The Eastern Townships certification project targets the Forest Stewardship Council® certification, most commonly known as FSC®.

Products from FSC® certified forests and other responsible sources may be labeled with the FSC logo. This way, by purchasing these products, consumers worldwide know that they have contributed to responsible forest development.


Aménagement Forestier et Agricole des Sommets Inc. is actually, since January 2010, FSC certified with four other forest management groups, as well as the Syndicat des Producteurs de Bois de l'Estrie.



The FSC® management system rests on the respect of 10 principles to which numerous sets of criteria have been attached. Attached are the 10 principles, and in bold, the impact of these principles.

High Value Forests for Preservation

Development activity in forests of high value for preservation must save or improve on the characteristics defining the forests.

This principal is picked up by a group of partners, SPBE, AMFE, CRRNT, etc.