Questions frequently asked

I want to begin forestry developement of my property, must I ask for a permit from my municipality?

Yes and no, it varies from one county to another.


Generally, when a you cut more than 10% of the trees, a permit is required. For the MRC du Haut St-Francois, the cut must be more than 40%.


Most municipalities require a permit when brooks are crossed, either permanently or temporarily, or for the digging of drainage ditches.


Land preparation, reforestation and brushsawing do not require permits.


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How do you become a registered forestry producer?

All you need is a valid forest management plan and have completed the forestry producer registration form.


If A.F.A. des Sommets makes your forest management plan, we will take care of all application procedures for you.


The cost of becoming a registered forest producer is $22.80.


For more information, visit the website for the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs.


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May I choose my own truck driver?

Yes, just let us know when your load is ready.


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When being a member of Aménagement forestier et agricole des Sommets inc, do I need to ask the Syndicat des producteurs de bois de l'Estrie for a quota?

No. A.F.A. des Sommets has a quota for all its members.


If you plan on producing pulp wood, please inform us as soon as possible.


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What do I need to do to receive a refund on my property taxes?

First, the forestry producer must pay his/her municipal and school taxes by each due date.


Then, every single year a forestry producer does some work, he/she must obtain a forest engineer's report testifying what work has been done.


With this report, the forest producer can complete section E of his/her provincial tax report and receive a reimbursement of up to 85% of municipal and school taxes (excluding the value of buildings).


This is a provincial tax credit.


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Does being a member of A.F.A. des Sommets require me to sell my saw logs through A.F.A. des Sommets?

No, a member can deal with the saw mill of his/her choice without the intervention of A.F.A. des Sommets.


However A.F.A. des Sommets receives bonuses from certain sawmills.


To benefit from such advantages you must go through A.F.A. des Sommets.


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