Our Services (Expertise)

Aménagement Forestier et Agricole des Sommets Inc. has been involved in the forestry sector since 1978.

Aménagement Forestier et Agricole des Sommets Inc. is a commonly managed organisation, meaning that our shareholders are an agglomeration of land owners looking for specialized services and consulting within the forestry sector.

Services are offered to all land owners, regardless of membership. Our services include: planning of forestry activities, implementation and supervision of silvicultural treatments, wood marketing for members, as well as diverse expertise and consulting.

Programs and Subsidies

Landowners of 4 or more hectares may be eligible to obtain a forestry producer status, allowing them admittance to the financial aid program and to receive subsidies to assist in completing silvicultural work on their property. Aménagement Forestier et Agricole des Sommets Inc. can assist in becoming a registered forestry producer.

Eligible treatments for financial aid include:

  • Forest management plans
  • Consulting visits
  • Land and site preparation
  • Reforestation and maintenance
  • Pre-commercial thinnings
  • Commercial thinnings
  • Forest access road development


This financial aid program is managed by l'Agence de mise en valeur des forêts privées de l'Estrie. To receive financial aid, you must speak directly to a forestry consultant.

Property Tax Credits

By engaging in forestry work, a forest producer can obtain up to 85% in property tax credits from the Québec government (municipal and school); excluding the value of buildings.

To do this, a forest producer must obtain a report testifying to the work completed on their land throughout the year. Aménagement Forestier et Agricole des Sommets Inc. can prepare these reports after visiting and analysing the completed work.

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