Silvicultural Treatments

Following the development of a forest management plan, our specialized staff can continue to assist landowners in attaining their silvicultural objectives.

Shelterwood Cut

The Shelterwood Cut is reserved for even-aged stands that have reached maturity. Unlike a commercial thinning, where the objective is to increase the diameter of the remaining stems, the objective of the shelterwood cut is to establish and propagate natural regeneration within the stand. The goal is to establish the future stand before the end of the present one.

The harvest intensity varies between 20% and 40% of the stand's basal area and aims to retain a certain number of seed trees, generally 100 trees/hectare. These remaining seed trees will seed to establish natural regeneration, and will also provide shelter for regeneration in the form of shade from the direct sun, as well as protection from insects. This system of harvesting consists of 1 or 2 interventions followed by a final removal.